About Kitten Simulator

The game just started development so we don't have much to talk about just yet. However, you can skip over to the Media section to see some of the concept artwork we produced back in 2014 when we started our development documents. Please come back when the game hits alpha and we start releasing details!

Recent Kitten News

What The!?

Hey folks, we are all out of new Kitten Simulator pre-development t-shirts to offer.  But there are some tiny surprises on the way as long with updates for One Way To Die: Steam Edition and Raise Your Own Clone open beta.

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Cornikitten T-Shirt Release

First of the month means a new, pre-Kitten Simulator thing! Considering the latest events, we figured Cornikitten is appropriate this time. Again, 10% of all Kitten Simulator merchandise is donated to national cat shelters / non-profits.

The leggings are also listed but damn are they expensive.´╗┐

Both are now available on Redbubble here.

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Kitten Eye Candy

[Concept] The overworld map, viewable in-game.
[Concept] The first eight playable kittens for alpha.
[Concept] A look at the Sneaky Couch activity.
[Concept] Kitten Terrorism icon for activity.
[Concept] Cornikitten's unlock screen.
[Concept] Cornikitten added to character select list.
[Concept] Lazarus' unlock screen.
[Concept] Bald Squirrel fight.
[Concept] Cathulhu's unlock screen.
[Concept] One-Eyed Rabbit fight.
[Concept] Old Crow fight.

Change Log

Your kitten screams, but no one can hear it since nothing has changed yet. Please come back once the first alpha is out.